Saturday, November 27, 2021
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FXのスプレッド比較! !各通貨の取引コストや計算方法まで網羅

Cristian Cochintu
Cristian Cochintu is a highly experienced trader, author, and analyst. Cristian’s extensive experience in developing trading strategies using cross markets analysis and his edge in predicting economic surprises is recognized all over the world. His unique insights about FX are translated today into multiple languages. The Japanese version of his blog - - is devoted to helping FX traders trade intelligently, profitably, and for a long time. Cristian has studied the markets from many angles and has earned first and advanced degrees in economics, finance, and business. Throughout his career, Cristian has published market analysis and educational articles that have helped thousands of traders master the currency markets. Cristian is also one of the authors of,, and other financial publications.

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