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First, congratulations! You’ve just found something few FX beginners ever find—an ideal starting point.

There are so many books, courses, blogs, and webinars, but most will waste your time and money because they’re either:

  • too superficial to give you the practical skills needed to start making money, or
  • too complex and detailed to provide clear step-by-step ways to actually start making money
  • too focused on the usual methods of forex trading that are too risky, complex, and time-consuming for most people to use successfully.

We’ve dedicated years to creating a course that avoids these pitfalls. It gives you a variety of approaches to get started via safer, simpler, more profitable ways to lower your risk and increase your returns, either as a conservative forex trader or as a more passive longer-term investor seeking exposure to assets in the best currencies.

Unlike other FX Beginners courses, this course has the right balance of practical information and methods you use to actually make money, without burdening you with too much information or the wrong kinds of information. It provides the shortest path to actually making money as soon as your circumstances allow; or in the worst case, to avoid the mistakes and losses that drain your cash and confidence before you have had enough time to find your path to success.

If you’re serious about succeeding in forex, you just need the right guidance toward the trading or investing style that best suits you. Welcome to that guidance.

What This FX Masterclass Offers

Here’s what you get.

An intelligent introduction to forex

Instead of time-consuming, high-risk methods unsuited for most people, this course provides:

  • Focus on a variety of lower-risk, simpler, less time-consuming trading methods, styles, instruments, and time frames to suit different personalities and needs.
  • Detailed coverage of the key aspects of trader psychology, risk, and money management that are in fact the real foundation of trader success.
  • Ways for longer-term passive investors to identify the most stable, reliable long-term forex trends and the best assets for riding them for higher returns and lower risk via currency diversification.

A practical introduction to forex

Going beyond simplifications and theory, it provides a practical, well-illustrated, step-by-step guide to actually identifying, planning, and executing lower-risk, higher-yield trades and investments for a variety of traders and investors.

What This FX Masterclass Will NOT Do

  • Pretend to teach you the hidden secrets of trading.
  • Suggest that forex trading or investing is a likely road to fast riches requiring little effort.
  • Focus on the high-risk, overly complicated, or very short-term hyper-active trading styles typically advocated in so many forex courses. These strategies alone virtually guarantee failure for all but the few with an exceptional experience, powers of concentration, temperament, risk tolerance, and capital.
  • Burden you with interesting but unnecessary historical background information about forex.
  • Overload you with more kinds of fundamental and technical analysis tools than you can use, and leave you without guidance about which tools to start with and when to add or use others.
  • Focus exclusively on leveraged spot market trading. From other forex courses, you’d think there’s no other way to play forex. Hardly. For both traders and longer-term investors, there are worthy alternatives to consider in the right conditions.

What This FX Masterclass Will Do

The short version is pretty much the opposite:

  • It will provide an alternative introduction to forex, one aimed at the sensible, rational investor and trader, instead of the madcap gambler or get-rich-quick sucker.
  • Virtually every investor needs this kind of guidance, because today, the hard fact is that everyone needs currency diversification.
  • We can’t afford to ignore currency markets any longer, so we need to learn sensible ways to benefit from them.

In sum, this is the FX Masterclass for:

  1. Profit-maximising, risk-averse traders: Those seeking a sensible introduction to forex trading, who are more focused on steady monthly profits rather than gambling, via safer, easier, more profitable ways to trade than the short-term, high-leverage, high-risk methods most people associate with forex trading.
  2. Long-term investors with little or no interest in trading forex: Those seeking to lower currency risk and increase returns by diversifying into assets denominated in the currencies most likely to hold their value and appreciate over the long term.
  3. Anyone seeking an asset class that works in any market condition: Unlike stocks or bonds, the very nature of forex markets means there’s always a bull market in some currency pair.

Whether you’re an active forex trader or a traditional, conservative, long-term investor seeking capital gains or steady income, this is the one forex course created specifically for you, not the wild-eyed action junkie day trader so beloved (and quickly fleeced) by many in the forex industry.

Course Curriculum


  •  Everyone needs forex diversification even if you don’t trade actively (2:38)
  •  Forex markets offer significant advantages over the other asset markets (16:09)
  •  You can succeed IF you learn and practice what follows (1:41)


  •  Basics of Currencies and Currency Pairs (2:33)
  •  Currencies Trade in Pairs and Why That Matters (9:06)
  •  Size Matters: Types of Currency Pairs (3:52)
  •  Pips—The Universal Currency of Currencies (14:25)
  •  Leverage and Margin: Their Relationship and Impact on Risk (7:25)
  •  Order Types: Entry and Exit Orders (12:46)


  •  Candle Chart Basics (5:02)
  •  Support/Resistance Basics (2:03)
  •  Chart Time Frames (3:52)
  •  Buy Low, Sell High, or Vice Versa (2:28)
  •  Example (3:17)


  • Price Levels (7:18)
  • Trends and trend lines (15:38)
  • Fibonacci Retracements (6:54)
  • Bollinger Bands (4:40)
  • Japanese Candlesticks (9:50)
  • Western Chart Patterns (15:58)
  • Multiple S/R Levels (3:13)


  • Basic Trader Psychology (10:28)
  • Why Trading Longer Time Frames Lowers Risk (3:13)
  • The Essence of Good RAMM (0:57)
  • The 3 Pillars of RAMM (6:24)
  • Setting Stop Losses Basic Techniques and Psychology (11:31)
  • Risk-Reward Ratios (RRR) (5:45)
  • If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail (3:51)


  •  Using Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Together (2:34)
  •  An Overview of Fundamental Analysis (30:54)
  •  Fundamental Analysis Basics (3:42)
  •  News Trading (1:21)


  • Identifying and executing low-risk, high potential yield trades (9:06)
  • Types or styles of trades (3:01)
  • Distinguish between good trades and winning trades (2:16)


  •  Double Bollinger Bands (DBBs) (8:53)
  •  Moving Average Crossovers (7:38)
  •  Oscillators (7:13)


  • Reading Intermarket Correlations and Divergences (5:15)
  • Understanding Why These Relationships Matter (10:56)
  • Currencies versus Commodities (9:14)


  • Ride Long Term Forex Trends for Lower Risk, Higher Income (4:33)
  • Applying Forex Trends to Equities Investing (3:40)
  • Using Direct Forex Trends as Income Vehicles (11:32)

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